Saturday, October 27, 2012

South Florida Peacock Bass

Peacock bass fishing in South Florida is awesome this week as my customer ray Rubio of Philedelphia can attest after two days of bass fishing. On day one we went to Miami and fishing for Peacock Bass with Ray Sr. & Ray Jr. and the three of us landed 42 Peacock Bass up to 8 lbs. Ray Jr. caught a 5 lb. beauty and this nice 8 lb. fish. The state record is just over 10 lbs. On day two Ray Jr. and I fished on the lake Ida chain of ;lakes in Palm Beach county and caught somewhere around 100 largemouth bass up to 4 lbs. What a great way to start of the fall season here in South Florida.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Here's another example why South Florida Peacock Bass fishing is awesome. We'll now be promoting DUO Realis baits here in North America and I decided to try a jerkbait on these peacocks. This fish absolutely crushed this bait coming from deep in the center of the canal. With the small hooks I wasn't sure how long I could hold him but I was able to land this peacock that was just shy of 6 lbs. Come to South Florida to experience the only fishery in the U.S. other than Hawaii to catch these beautiful butterfly peacock bass.
 Miami peacock Bass fishing in April & May was superb with many big fishing being caught by my clients. We had two 5 1/2 lbers. caught in one day back in early May. The fishing is still pretty good evn though the high water levels have dirtied up the canals somewhat. Peacock Bass love our hot summers so usually they'll bite throughout the hot months in South Florida. Check out this beauty weighing at 5 lbs. caught by Ray Rubio.
  It's been a wonderful spring fishing season in the Florida Everglades over the last month or two. We've been fishing mostly on alligator alley with catches of up to 100 bass to about 5 1/2 lbs. Most of our luck has been on worms and senko style baits. The water has been steadily rising which usaully will slow the bass fishing down but not so far. Here's a nice 5 1/2 lb largemouth caught during May 2012. Lake Okeechobee has still be red hot if you are careful because of the water conditions. Here's a nice fish in the neighborhood of 1o lbs. but I didn't have my scale. Of well it never fails. Lake Okeechobee is still one fantastic fishery.